The concept of network flexibility will play an important role in ensuring the continuity of energy supply to the consumers in a reliable way. Ensuring the availability of the system is one of the most basic objectives in the transmission of energy to consumers in a way that ensures security of supply in electricity grid operation. In addition, within the framework of climate change policies, the share of renewable energy in electricity generation will continue to increase. Within the framework of above mentioned examinations, there is a need to examine the technologies that will provide network flexibility has emerged. Within the scope of the study, the benefits that HVDC systems and energy storage can offer for grid flexibility are summarized by making a literature review. With the study carried out within the scope of the 9th International Congress On Engineering And Technology Management, where the technological, and engineering aspects will be discussed, the concept of grid flexibility is discussed in the concept of reliable delivery of the increasing energy demand to consumers. It is evaluated that HVDC systems, the application of which has become widespread, and storage systems, which are seen to play an important role in the development of renewable energy in the recent period, can offer applicable technological solutions to the problems experienced in the electricity network. (This study is produced from the thesis of the first author's "Analysis of Grid Flexibility with Energy Storage Technologies" ORCID ID: 0009-0003-8404-654X).

Anahtar Kelimeler: Energy Storage, HVDC, Flexibility, Security, Availability