ada Ozan PAMUK, Melikah ZAKTRK


Blockchain and Bitcoin concepts, which emerged with an article by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008, have become a technology that will change our lives completely. With the increasing trend towards cryptocurrencies, the crypto money market has reached the level of approximately 2 trillion dollars. With this increasing interest, the interest in understanding the infrastructure of this technology continues to increase day by day. It is expected that the use of blockchain technology from the energy sector will be an inevitable end, since the emerging concepts such as New Green Deal A Greener World", "Reducing Carbon Footprint", "Sustainability" and "Climate Change" in recent years support this change. With the understanding that blockchain technology is not just about cryptocurrencies, it is aimed to use this technology to solve some problems that have not been solved for years in different sectors. When current developments are examined, it is estimated that as a result of the increasing interest in this technology, blockchain technology will cause serious and radical changes in many sectors such as law, medicine, logistics, engineering, data management and energy in the near future. It is predicted that Blockchain technology will have serious effects on the energy sector, as it does in many other sectors. It is estimated that the trend towards electricity generation from renewable energy sources, which has increased rapidly in the energy sector in recent years, will cause a change in the traditional electricity grid in the medium term. Studies on how and in what direction this change will take place are increasing day by day. It is estimated that blockchain technology will play an active and major role in the process of transforming the traditional electricity grid into smart grids, which are called modern electricity grids. In order to create this article, many current projects and articles about blockchain technology and the use of blockchain technology in the energy sector have been examined. As a result of the examinations, especially with the use of renewable energy sources in energy production; It is estimated that many subscribers who are in the consumer position in the general network will switch to both the consumer and producer position. In this case, the transformation of the so-called traditional networks into smart grids is considered certain. Blockchain technology is of great importance for the solution of some problems brought about by the increasing data traffic and data storage problem with the transformation into a smart grid. At the same time, with the use of smart contracts, which is one of the most important achievements of blockchain technology, in this cycle, it is considered that there will be big changes in the electricity distribution sector.

Anahtar Kelimeler: Blockchain Technologhy, P2P(Peer-to-Peer), Decantralized Infrastructure, Digital Transformation, Energy Sector, Blockchain Based Energy Applications, Smart Contracts