Distinguished Participants,

The aim of our congress is to make information exchange that will enable the engineers from different disciplines who will undertake leadership roles in advanced technology enterprises as required by the 21st century to develop their technical and managerial skills in order to survive in the global competition within the framework of environmental, quality and ethical values.

The verbal and poster papers to be presented in our congress will be published in relevant journals on condition that they are prepared in accordance with the publication and acceptance conditions of the journals, they are uploaded to the websites of relevant journals and they successfully complete the editorial and referee evaluation processes. The unilateral authority regarding the publication of papers belongs to the editors and managers of relevant journals. There isn’t any certainty and guarantee about the publication of the papers presented in our congress in these journals. We hope that our congress will be a beneficial gathering both for all participants and the academic and science world. We would like to thank all our participants, supporters and audience and wish you welfare until meeting in the congress.

Our congress meets the Academic Encouragement Criteria of the year 2019. The papers to be presented in our congress will be published in the pdf book format. The abstract texts will be provided following the end of full texts within the same book.


Prof. Dr. Mustafa TALAS

Head  Of The Congress