Distinguished Participants;

Welcome to the “9th International Congress on Engineering and Technology (ICET 2023)” web page, which will be held in the city of Istanbul, Turkey, APRIL 29-30, 2023.

The objective of the conference is to bring together international scientists and academics, engineers and students in academia,university and industry in fields of Mechanical/Industrial/Electric/Civil Engineering and other Engineering &Technology branches. The conference covers theoretical, practical, analytical methods and experimental approaches for solving or analyzing various engineering applications and problems.

Therefore, ICET 2023 provides delegates with opportunities to present their currents results, exchange new ideas and application experiences, to promote cooperation between international scientists and engineers from a large number of disciplines, who are involved in researches related to their topics and to find global partners for future collaboration.

We hope to see you in the coming congress.

Prof. Dr. Musa YILDIZ

Congress Honorary Chairman 

Gazi University Rector - Turkey

Prof. Dr. Sema Bilge OCAK

Prof. Dr. Sema Bilge OCAK 

Congress Chairman

Gazi Universit- Turkey

Prof. Dr. Carlos Rolando RIOS-SOBERANIS

 Congress Co-Chairman

The Yucatan Scientific Research Center - Mexico 


Prof. Dr. Ali Behcet ALPAT<br>(Italy) Prof. Dr. Ali Behcet ALPAT
Prof. Dr. Bektay YERKIN<br>(Kazakhstan) Prof. Dr. Bektay YERKIN
Prof. Dr. Burin BAYRAM<br>(U.S.A.) Prof. Dr. Burin BAYRAM
Prof. Dr. Elvan AKIN<br>(U.S.A.) Prof. Dr. Elvan AKIN
Prof. Dr. Muhammad SAFDAR BHATTI (Pakistan) Prof. Dr. Muhammad SAFDAR BHATTI (Pakistan)
Prof. Dr. Mustafa KSZ<br>(Trkiye) Prof. Dr. Mustafa KSZ
Prof. Dr. Niyazi Uur KOKAL<br>(Trkiye) Prof. Dr. Niyazi Uur KOKAL
Prof. Dr. Sabid ZEKAN<br>(Bosnia and Herzegovina) Prof. Dr. Sabid ZEKAN
(Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Prof. Dr. Serta BAYHAN<br>(Trkiye) Prof. Dr. Serta BAYHAN
Prof. Dr. Todd HALIHAN<br>(U.S.A.) Prof. Dr. Todd HALIHAN
Prof. Dr. Toni NIKOLIC<br>(Bosnia and Herzegovina) Prof. Dr. Toni NIKOLIC
(Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Prof. Dr. Turysbekova Gaukhar SEYTKHANOVNA (Kazakhstan) Prof. Dr. Turysbekova Gaukhar SEYTKHANOVNA (Kazakhstan)
Assoc. Prof. Uur GKMEN<br>(Trkiye) Assoc. Prof. Uur GKMEN
Assist. Prof. Barkn BAKIR<br>(Trkiye) Assist. Prof. Barkn BAKIR
Assist. Prof. S. SENTHILRAJA<br>(India) Assist. Prof. S. SENTHILRAJA