Adrian OLARU, Tiberiu DOBRESCU, Serban OLARU, Lulia MHA


The research shown in this paper used the proper soft platform for assisted analyze of positions, velocities, accelerations, active forces and moments in Robotics. To simulate the real behavior on used, in the Inverse Dynamic behavior, the variable accelerations in all joints taken from trapezoidal characteristic and were shown the results characteristics of forces and moments in each joints. The case studied was the arm type robot with 4 Degree of Freedom (DOF). The paper show haw, the bodys dimensions, the bodys material, the up or down movement of the arm, the movement with or without object in the end- effecter, the parameters of the trapezoidal characteristics of the simultaneously or successive movement in each joints, influence the dynamic behavior. For the assisted analyse were used the torques 3D and 2D characteristics vs. time and the proper LabVIEW software platform what will be developed in the future for all type of robots.The Inverse Dynamics assisted research by using the complex matrix form open the way to more complex assisted research of all influences in the dynamic behavior, in this paper was only one example how could be applying this platform. The proper software platform, the powder theory and this method could be applying for many other type of robots or complex mechanisms.

Anahtar Kelimeler: Inverse Dynamics, Industrial Robots, Assisted Research with LabVIEW.