Distinguished Participant;

You are invited to the 4th International Congress on Engineering and Technology to be held in Istanbul 13-14 NOVEMBER 2020.

Where are we as a country on a global platform where technologies are competing? What steps will be taken for tomorrow? What are we going to do within the scope of combating technological addiction? How the future content of engineering will be handled in every aspect?

Together with the answers to many questions, the fundamentals of technologies and engineering on a global scale will be put forward along with the reasons, suggestions will be made for the shortcomings and investigations will be made. From past to present, from today to tomorrow, the scope of technology and engineering will be expanded and studies will be conducted in every field, and many local and international researchers who are experts in their fields will be with us to share their experiences knowledge.

We will be very glad to see you, our dear friends.

Hope to see you in the congress.