Muhammet Yiğit AKARSU, Senai YALÇINKAYA.
Electric vehicles have a very important place today. In the study, research was conducted on the structures of electric vehicles and the environmental effects that arise with their prevalence. In this study, while informing about the batteries and engine systems used in electric vehicles, it is also emphasized what differences there are with fossil fuel-powered vehicles in terms of energy and transmission. The innovations and differences that this technology, which is becoming widespread today and has a significant increase in its use, has been emphasized. With this study, outputs specific to usability, efficiency, and environmental impact were created. Information was given on the materials of lithium, cobalt, manganese, lithium carbonate, graphite, nickel, and aluminum, which are the basis of the battery system used in electric vehicles. What kind of path do the brands follow regarding these substances used in batteries, and what kind of preferences do they have. The battery life of electric vehicles and the conditions under which the efficiency of these batteries are affected are emphasized. How long is the battery life of these battery systems used in electric vehicles and how are the battery systems changed. The electric car functions in a similar fashion to the motor that drives any electric washing machine. It has high efficiency, wear-resistance, and bidirectional running characteristics, unlike internal combustion engines like in classic cars that run on gasoline or diesel. The efficiency rate of internal combustion engines in which fossil fuels are used is quite low. Due to the moving parts and other components inside the engine, approximately 35% of the energy produced is the power to move. This is considered a low rate when compared to an electric car. While high heat, noise and vibration are released while generating motion energy in internal combustion engines. In electric cars, quiet operation is observed. Electric motors used in electric vehicles will be in a position to compete with fossil fuel-powered cars in the future, as per the emission rules brought by the European Union. With the increasing importance given by brands to electric vehicles and the increasing awareness of people, improvements are being made and continue to enable us to provide transportation in a more livable world. A good action study should be done to keep up with these developments and in accordance with sustainable development plans.

Anahtar Kelimeler: Electric Vehicle, Efficiency, Availability, Environmental Impact, Battery Technology, Fossil fuel